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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I know you may be finding difficult to comment on blogs, here is a simple explanation on how to drop your comments. It is very very important to be commenting on blogs/sites, especially on posts that are of good values.

I will love you to know few things on commenting easily on this blog in particular:
  • Commenting is easier on web version or view of blogs than on mobile view when using some browsers; for instance, UcBrowser makes commenting on blogger blog easier on web version than on mobile view; but with Chrome and as well some other browsers you can comment easily using when on mobile view. 
  • Some browsers makes commenting faster and easier than others; for instance, latest version of Chrome and some others  make it easier for you to comment, most especially when you visit on mobile devices.
  • You MUST NOT have a Google ID or Gmail Account in other to comment on this blog in particular; some other blogs may configuration settings that on visitors/viewers who signed in to Google or Gmail Account can be able to comment on their sites. Some blogs may allow only registered members or members of the blog to comment. But for this site, anyone can comment even without having Gmail Account.
  • Whenever you are on mobile view and you're having challenges dropping comments, just scroll down a bit and click of the "view web version" tab to visit this site's web view.
  • The easiest way to comment on this blog is by being signed in to a Google or Gmail Account; once signed in, you can automatically comment on this site using your Gmail account.
  • For those who don't have Gmail account, below the comment text window, you will see "Comment As" notice; click on it and either choose to comment as "Name/URL"  or as "Anonymous".
  • If you choose "Name/URL", enter only the name, do not bother about the URL, okay. Once you have keyed in the name you desire to comment as, just click on the "continue" button. Enter your comment if you haven't, then click on published.
  • If you have chosen to comment as "Anonymous"; just key in your comment after choosing "Anonymous" and click on published, and that's all.

 You can see that it is very very easy to drop your comments on this blog, even when you are visiting on mobile devices once you make sure the above listed conditions are met. Note that you can either comment with your Google ID  which is the same thing as your Gmail Account when signed in to the account. 

You can also comment as Anonymous by just clicking on anonymous from the "comment as" drop-down options. 

You can also do this by choosing "Name/URL" option [and the space for the URL even if left blank, there is no problem, just make sure the name is in there; that is to say in other words that URL isn't compulsory to be entered before commenting.

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